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MLS Advocate, LLC is one of two companies founded by industry veteran Phil Hinke to help merchants lower their credit card processing costs.  The second company is MerchantFeeSavers.  Neither company sells processing services, gateways, equipment, POS Systems, or software.   Both companies are completely unaffiliated with any merchant account provider.  Both companies simply help merchant in two different ways.

MLS Advocate is an unbiased resource.  MLS Advocate provides a way for merchants to know they are receiving an unbiased savings analysis from their salesperson.  The merchant only needs to tell the salesperson to present a MLS Advocate RapidCompare analysis.  The salesperson pays a one-time fee for the analysis, because we do not believe the merchant should have to pay for it, period. 

MerchantFeeSavers is a merchant advocate company.  MerchantFeeSavers is a very biased company and specifically biased toward the merchant.  MerchantFeeSavers fights to make sure the merchant gets the best possible card processing value, which includes rates, fees, funding process, terms and conditions, and service.  MerchantFeeSavers only wants it merchant clients to work with honest caring salespeople and merchant account providers with a high degree of integrity (we have yet to find any saints in the industry).

Salespeople – MLS Advocate was originally designed as one method of finding honest, caring card processing salespeople who would eventually be allow to bid for merchant processing services through MerchantFeeSavers, at the discretion of the merchant (The merchant is always in control of the MerchantFeeSavers process).   If you are an honest caring salesperson, please feel free to contact phil@mlsadvocate.com , because we are always looking for good salesperson working for reputable merchant account providers to bid on processing services through MerchantFeeSavers.   You do not have to use MLS Advocate services to prove you are rectitude.  MLS Advocate is just one method of finding a salesperson and merchant account provider’s rectitude.   If you are teaser-rate, lease-my-terminal, sign-my-liquidated-damages-contract kind of salesperson, than please do not contact us.  I do not want my merchant clients near you. – Phil Hinke

Merchants – I firmly believe every merchant should use MerchantFeeSavers.  Our initial evaluation is free.   It is only after you decide to use our service, and upon completion of the service, that a one-time fee charged.  There are no on-going fees or on-going agreement.   We make the process as beneficial and as painless as possible, because we know you have probably suffered enough disappointments and pain with the card processing industry.   If you do not use MerchantFeeSavers, then we recommend you assist upon an independent unbiased statement analysis whether it is the MLS Advocate RapidCompare analysis or other service.  Also, please look beyond the rates and fees and projected savings.  Never sign a contract without understanding the Terms and Condition, especially the early terminal section.


No Salary – Phil Hinke has not and never will receive any financial compensation for services provided by MLS Advocate.

No Profits – All revenue received by MLS Advocate comes from the RapidCompare independent analysis service, publications, speaking engagements, and consulting.  All revenues go to pay operational expenses, industry education, and research.   Any and all profits obtained by MLS Advocate are denoted to the National Breast Cancer Foundation at the end of the year.

No Games – Phil Hinke, MLS Advocate, and MerchantFeeSavers are untouchable by the card processing industry.   Neither endorses or recommends any merchant account providers, nor are they affiliated with any merchant account providers, nor do they receive any behind-the-scenes compensation or favors from any of them.  They do not endorse or recommend any salespeople who are allowed to bid through MerchantFeeSavers.  Each salesperson has to earn the merchant’s business and it is the merchant, not MerchantFeeSavers, who selects the salesperson and merchant account Provider.

Only Trust – My passion is to educate merchants about the pitfalls in the card processing industry and provide services the merchants can trust absolutely.  If a mistake is made at any point, it just that – a mistake.  Phil Hinke

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