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About Phil Hinke

Phil Hinke is an Aerospace Engineer who left the engineering world in 1994 and started selling credit card processing mainly because he wanted to learn how to sell.  He eventually became a senior vice president of one of the largest publically owned merchant account providers in the country.

Over the years, Phil became increasingly disgusted with the industry and the deceptive tactics used by some merchant account providers and salespeople to lure merchants into rates and Terms & Conditions that were unfair and in many cases punitive to merchants.

Now, he is taking all he has learned over the last couple of decades to help merchants because they deserve better rates, Terms & Conditions, and service.

Phil continues to fight for merchants.  Phil is a noted expert in the industry.  He has written the Merchant Fee Savers “Guide to Slashing Your Credit Card Processing Costs” to give merchants the tools and inside industry costs so merchants will always receive the best processing value for their hard earned money.  Phil continues to publish articles on multiple media platforms to educate merchants, and he has been quoted by CNN Money on various occasions.

Phil has a deep appreciation for merchants.  He realizes the courage it takes for a person to start up and run a business.  He also understands that small to medium-size merchants are the backbone of the American economy.  And, he will continue to fight on their behalf.

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