RapidCompare™ is an unbiased, independent merchant statement analysis service designed to make sure the merchant is getting an honest assessment of potential cost savings as well as potential PCI security, equipment, and procedural issues. When a merchant wants an honest analysis or a salesperson needs to quote processing services to a merchant, they can simply fax or email the merchant’s current statement to the MLS Advocate, LLC office and a detailed statement analysis will be provided back to the sales person within two business days.

Top 4 Reasons to Use RapidCompare™ Over an in-house Merchant Statement Analysis?

1. Acquirers, processors, and ISO’s, who provide in-house analyses, generally hire an hourly employee to do the analysis. These employees have little or no merchant servicing experience, so they simply crunch the numbers. In so doing, they miss potential savings and harmful issues impacting the merchant’s business..

A merchant statement is like a treasure map and just comparing the fees may not lead you to the treasure — helping a new merchant.

To the expert eye, a merchant statement can tell you the credibility of a merchant’s existing processing service, the competency of their existing sales person, needed system changes, potential PCI issues, and operational issues just to name a few. Knowing this information is critical for both the merchant and any salesperson who really cares about the merchant.

2. Many merchants are justifiably concerned about the legitimacy or bias associated with in-house analyses. RapidCompare™ is an independent and unbiased analysis service. This is reinforced in the cover letter that is provided with every MLS Advocate, LLC, RapidCompare™ statement analysis. Sales people have found that providing their merchants with an independent analysis over an in-house analysis really eases the merchants concerns. The cover letter is written to the merchant’s perspective to show them where their existing processor may not be acting in their best interest and also identifies where a processor may be charging them too much for their services.

3. The RapidCompare™ statement analyses provided by MLS Advocate LLC, are fast and far more detailed than those generally provided by in-house pricing clerks.

4. MLS Advocate, LLC works synergistically with a sister company. The sister company will work directly with merchants who want better pricing and/or service and merchants who do not want to be tied down with hideous terms and conditions. Salespeople who have proven they are honest and really care about merchants will have the opportunity to work with these merchants.

A note about RapidCompare

The RapidCompare analysis is extremely precise in a high percent of cases. However, some merchant statements are purposely esoteric or ambiguous in nature. In these case, we use card type modeling to give the merchant the best estimate of his payment processing cost.

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