“As an independent sales agent, I want to keep merchant(s) as long as possible. Therefore, I need to be fair with them and that starts with having accurate information. Phil’s independent statement analyses are accurate, very affordable, and help me earn the merchant’s trust. I used an in-house service in the past but find Phil more knowledgeable and much easier to work with, plus his merchant cover letter helps the merchant understand the need to switch to my service now.” – Dale Bergman, Independent Sales Agent.

“RapidCompare does more than just compare statement rates, fees, and costs. Phil provides observations, points out inconsistencies, and makes suggestions which are congruent with our consultative approach to helping merchants.” – Jeff Marcous, President of Dharma Merchant Services

“Phil has the same honest and compassionate approach toward merchants as does MSNI. He has helped us obtain new merchant accounts by enabling the merchant to see the inaccuracies of bias in-house analyses and pointing out their specific weaknesses. Also, we find most merchants wisely trust an analysis provided by an independent service over in-house analysis.” – Paul Coleman, President of MSNI

“I really like the response time, the attention to detail, the nuances of information picked from the current merchant statement, plus the cover letter helps the merchant understand why they should switch services.” – Sam Parkinson, President of P2 Worldwide

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